Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My first peaceful morning...

Today Noah started at the local Sure Start Centre.  He will be going there two mornings a week during term time until he starts at Nursery in September.  This morning was his first session there.  I wasn't worried about him starting there, as he had been there last term in their crèche while I attended a Family Links course, so everything is familiar to him.  Even his key worker is the same.

While I have touched on the subject of Family Links, I would totally recommend this to any parent if they do it in your area.  It's basically a parenting (or nurturing as they like to say) course, but not in a bossy do this, do that way.  It really makes you think about how our actions affect our children.

Anyway, back to my morning off.  I had already planned what I was going to be doing.  I was going to start my Jelly Roll Quilt.

Sewing the strips together

Half way through first row
I decided while sewing my strips together that I am going to do a 20 strip quilt.  I am glad that I came to this decision, as I think for my first go a full Jelly Roll may be too much.  I found that I am not so good at getting my strips lined up equally, but never mind, it adds to the character. lol.  I managed to get my strips all sewn up together and I have done my first row of the quilt.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get more done, but with Aled off school as it's a Polling Station, it's not looking too hopeful!

I really enjoyed my morning off, I found the sewing very relaxing and I am looking forward to September when Noah will be going 5 days a week.  He is such an active child that it is so beneficial for him, even if he does come home soaking wet and covered in sand! lol.

Jackie. x

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