Saturday, 19 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19

Day 19 - What Do You Collect?

I am a bit of a collector, although at the moment I haven't collected anything for a while.  (I'm guessing my cake decorating mags don't count do they?).  I do like to get fridge magnets whenever I go somewhere, although I haven't bought a new one for a while now.

My biggest collection would have to be my 'Piggin' collection.  I do still have them in a box somewhere here.  We took them down a couple of years ago to redecorate and they have never gone back up.  I will have to dig them out sometime.  Every Christmas and birthday I would get a new Piggin.  I also have an original Natwest Annabel pig money box in there from when I was younger as well.  I did have the baby one, but my mother gave it to one of my sisters and I never got it back. :-(

The more I think about it, my pigs are probably safer tucked away in their box until Aled & Noah are a little bit older.  I would probably cry if any of them got broken!

Jackie. x

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