Tuesday, 8 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Days 7 & 8

Due to a late one at work yesterday, I am doing both yesterday and today's blog challenge posts together.

Day 7 - Your Pet Hates

Ooh, where do I start!  I have a few pet hates, but I will try to limit myself to two of the biggest ones.

- People who don't have manners.  This one really bugs me, I mean come on, how hard is it to say please and thank you!  Even my two little ones at the age of 2 and 3 know their manners.  Aled even knows to say 'your welcome' after someone says thank you to him.  It's a pity some grown ups don't have the same manners.

- People who can't drive or drive badly.  About two years ago I got depression and have struggled with it since.  Since getting depression I have found that I have very little tolerance for bad drivers.  This is people who drive painstakingly slowly, people who cut me up and then drive painstakingly slowly, people who like to drive bumper to bumper and other arsehole drivers.

Day 8 - What's in Your Handbag

My handbag is surprisingly tidy today.  I had a clear out last week, so there's not much in it.

We have my purse, lip balm, a notebook, set of darts, some receipts, my wage slip and my First Response booklet.

The First Response booklet is what was given when I did my course with the scouts.  I like to keep it in my handbag in case anything happens so I have the advise right there.

So, what about you, what does your handbag hold?

Jackie. x 


  1. I don't drive, and one of the main reasons is because I'm scared of all the people on the road who can't drive properly. I was in a car accident when I was 13 and I don't fancy reliving the experience! I giggled at the set of darts- seems random! x

  2. Darts?? not heard that one before my handbag contents are very boring. http://www.littlebluefeet.com/2012/05/day-8-whats-in-your-handbag.html

  3. Lol. Your darts beat my remote control for randomness!

  4. Lol, I play darts for a team (see my 20 things post) and the safest place to keep them are in my handbag. Anywhere else in my flat and things get lost, especially my stuff! x

  5. Darts caught my attention too! I think you should win a prize for the most random item!

  6. That is a nice, clean bag! I laughed at the darts but I do remember something about darts from an earlier post. It's still funny though.

  7. How funny that you carry darts. Aside from their usual use, they're probably great for self defense... ;)

  8. I love that we all were shocked at the darts haha


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