Tuesday, 15 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15

Day 15 - Timeline of Your Day

My typical day varies for what day of the week it is and also which week it is, so I will give you an example of my weekdays.

Anywhere from 5.30am-6.30am - Aled or Noah (sometimes both) will climb into bed with us.  We try to get them to 'nap', but it doesn't always work.
7am-7.20am - I will get up.  Most mornings hubby is already up and has given Aled & Noah his breakfast.
7.30am - On week 1, I will take PJ and a friend to the train station for him to get his train to school, on week 2 PJ gets picked up and taken to the train station.
7.50am - I will have my breakfast and give Aled & Noah theirs if they haven't already had it.  While eating breakfast I will check my bank account, emails and of course facebook.
8.10am - Take the boys into the bathroom and brush our teeth and wash faces.  I let them 'brush' their teeth while I am brushing mine and then I brush theirs properly afterwards.
8.25am - I will get dressed.
8.30am - Get the boys dressed.  Sometimes it's done pretty quickly, other days are a nightmare.
8.45am - Check Aled's school bag to make sure he has everything.  On Wed & Thurs I also check Noah's bag as he goes to crèche.
8.50am - Leave for school.  We walk to school as it's only down the road.
9.00am - Drop Aled off at nursery and on Wed & Thurs I also drop Noah off at the Sure Start Centre.
Between 9am and 11.20am varies on how I am feeling.  Most mornings I end up needing to go to the shops, so I walk to the shops and get what I need.  Sometimes I drive to Iceland and do a weekly shop (to be delivered later in the day), other times I just come straight back home.
This also tends to be when I do my blogging.  Sometimes I put a wash on.  Sometimes I tidy my kitchen and do my dishwasher.  Sometimes I just chill out and play games on fb.  On a Wed & Thurs I catch up with my soaps and try and do the things that I can't do with the monsters about.  This could be sewing or baking.
11.20am - Walk down to the school and pick up Aled (and Noah) who finish at 11.30am.
11.40am - Get the boys in and change Aled out of his uniform and put it away for tomorrow, or in the wash if it's dirty.
12-12.30pm - Make and eat lunch.  A typical lunch is a sandwich, fruit, crisps a drink and sometimes a yoghurt.
The afternoon is pretty much spent like the morning, but with the added attention required for 2 demanding toddlers.  Emptying the potty, breaking up fights, dealing with tantrums, things like that.  And of course, playing.
4.10pm - PJ gets home from school.  He usually walks home from the station.  I chat to him, find out what his day was like.  He then goes into his room to do his homework.
5pm(ish) - I make a start on dinner.
6pm - Dinner is usually ready for about now, so we all have dinner.  Hubby normally gets in between 6 & 6.30pm.
6.30pm - Every Wed and alternate Thurs I leave for work and then at work until about 9.30pm-10pm.
6.45pm-6.50pm - Get the boys ready for bed.  They don't have a bath every day, as it's bad for Noah's eczema, but every 2-3 days they have a bath about this time.
7pm(ish) - Boys go to bed.  Normally Neil does the bedtime story on the iPad, but sometimes I do it with normal books.
7.30pm - Boys are generally settled by this time and me, Neil & PJ just chill out.  Sometimes one of us has a scout meeting that we go to and on Fridays Neil and PJ have scouts, so they leave about 7.15pm.
Bedtime varies day to day with what might be on tv, but is usually about 10-11pm.  PJ goes to bed at 10.30pm.

There we go, a typical weekday.  Well, kind of.  There are some things that I haven't included as I'm not doing at the moment.  Next month the darts season starts back up, so Tuesdays will be darts night.  Also later on in the year I will be going back to my role as Explorer Scout Leader, so that will be my Monday evenings gone as well!

What's your typical day?

Jackie. x

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  1. Bedtime stories with the ipad ... how times have changed :)


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