Friday, 11 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11

Day 11 - List 15 of Your Favourite Things

So, 15 of my favourite things.  I wasn't sure if this meant physical items or just things in general.  Going from Boy Oh Boy's post, I think it means things in general, so here are my top 15.

  1. My family.  Of course.  They mean the world to me and without them, then nothing in life matters.
  2. Tea - without it I can't function.
  3. My Motorola Xoom.  Before I had my Xoom I had a refurbished iPad 1.  I much prefer my Xoom, to the point that I am considering getting an android phone when I upgrade.
  4. My laptop.  
  5. My Kindle.  I'm starting to see a bit of a theme going on here! But seriously, I love my kindle.  I love that I can just whip it out for a page or two anywhere and anytime.
  6. Food.  I am a food junkie.  Crisps, chocolate, take away.  Everything I'm not supposed to have.
  7. I don't know if this comes under favourite things, but it's certainly one I can't live without - my car.  Seriously, this girl doesn't do public transport!
  8. My Lego Harry Potter Dobby keyring.  It just makes me smile when I see him.  I have it on my lanyard at work and loads of kids point it out and love it.
  9. My hair 'pretties'.  I have a couple of hair barrettes made by Floating Vintage Designs on facebook that I just love.  I love how unique they are.
  10. My new love - my sewing machine. :-)
  11. Cape Town.  Ok, I know that it's a place, but that counts right?
  12. My wedding dress.  It was the most expensive part of my wedding, but soo beautiful.
  13. This blog challenge.  I am really enjoying doing it and love seeing other people's posts on the challenge.
  14. My Sky+ box and tv.  Without the sky+, I would never get chance to watch my favourite programmes. 
  15. Lastly - old photos.  I love old photos and don't get around to looking at them often enough.
So, what are your top 15?

Jackie. x


  1. I'm really enjoying this challenge too - I tried last year, but failed miserably - thing I'm going to make it this time!

    1. I hope you do, I love reading your blog! x

  2. I've just gone into the kitchen and remembered my teapots. I love my teapots. I should have put them on the list. Bugger. x

  3. I'm loving this challenge, as well. I've found so many amazing new blogs to follow!! :)


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