Saturday, 5 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 - 10 Songs You Love Right Now

Ok, this is quite a hard one for me as I don't really get the chance to listen to music other than in the car.  I'm guessing the theme tunes to Disney Jr/Nick Jr don't count eh?  Some of these are going to end up being quite old songs, as that's what I listen to most.

The first one is a fairly recent one though.

Pink - Raise your Glass.  I love Pink and I love to sing along to her.  This is a real get up and dance along song and I love that.

Next has to be a Take That song.  I love Take That.  I loved them when they were first out and I was a teenager and I love them even more now.  They were my first ever pop concert 4 years ago and I was pregnant with Aled at the time.  I have now seen them 4 times, twice on they're last tour!

My all time favourite TT song has to be Babe.  It's one of those that is so easy to sing along to, but I think my number two song will be this one:

Here is 3-9 (in no particular order as they say on X-Factor) :-

3 - Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics on Grooveshark
4 - Gave It All Away by Boyzone on Grooveshark
5 - Sewn by The Feeling on Grooveshark
6 - Nobodys Perfect by Jessie J on Grooveshark
7 - Superman Tonight by Bon Jovi on Grooveshark
8 - Gives You Hell by Glee on Grooveshark
9 - Alanis Morrisette - One Hand In My Pocket by Alanis Morissette on Grooveshark

Lastly I think I have to include my little ones favourite band.  Number 10 is the Neverland Pirates, Roll up the Map.

What's your Top 10?

Jackie. x


  1. Love your choice of music :) & the videos xxx

  2. join you in the love of Take That - they are on my list too

  3. Lol. I'm getting so much new music from this challenge! Can't wait to listen to them all!! :)

  4. Looks like I have some new Artists to check out! Great list. :)


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