Friday, 18 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 18

Day 18 - The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Well, I'm afraid, I have a very boring blog name.  It's a username that I use in various places and is just simply my initials.  I am Mrs Jackie C.

As that was so short and boring, I will also tell you the meaning behind my twitter name @sawelshbird.  This is a username that I have been using since I was about 18-19, so quite a while now.  The SA part is in relation to my birth country South Africa, the Welsh part is from the fact that I was brought up in Wales and therefore Welsh; and the bird part, well that's to determine that I'm female.  When I was a teenager (it may still be the same now), alot of blokes would call girls 'birds'.  I actually really dislike that term, but I think it sounds right in my username!

So, there we go, the meaning behind my blog and twitter names.  What's the meaning of yours?

Jackie. x


  1. Love the explanations behind your twitter and blog names, both of which are very fitting! xx

  2. Mine started as an online forum name too. Like your twitter name explanation too - my twitter name is janmary3 (janmary was gone!)

  3. I have a boring blog name too, lol. Unfortunately my twitter name shay_boch isn't much more exciting haha x

  4. I have just joined this challenge halfway through, and am finding it quite interesting. And you are the third blogger I've found who either lives or has lived on, my side of the pond.

    Anyway, an interesting explanation of your blog name, thanks for sharing.


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