Tuesday, 29 May 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 29

Day 29 - Where Have You Travelled.

Well, as you all have probably gathered, I have been to South Africa.  I have been there three times now, first in 1996, then in 2001 and lastly back in January this year.

Other than that, I haven't really travelled abroad since I was 12.  I'm guessing for the purposes of this post Butlins and visiting family in Wales don't count! lol.

When I was a child my mum and dad loved to do camping holidays abroad.  When I say camping, what I mean is going to the campsites that have the huge tents already set up for you.  We loved this as kids and would go off with the holiday reps for the kids clubs every day.  Mum recalls one morning when the reps were up partying rather late the night before and me, my sisters and cousins would be the ones that goes to wake them up! lol.

With these holidays I have been to France, Spain and Italy.  On one of the trips we passed through Switzerland as well, but I don't remember that too well.

When the boys are a little bit older I would love to start doing these types of holidays with them.  We have been to Butlins with them a few times, but I think there is something special about going abroad.  My ultimate dream would be to go to Disneyland Paris (the American ones are way beyond my budget unless I was to win the lottery!!).  I really want to do that before the boys get too old for it to be totally magical for them.

Jackie. x

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  1. I know what you mean, our little one is just getting old enough now to take abroad, until the reach a certain age they don't appreciate it.


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