Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Superheroes and Theme Parks

Hello again.

We have had a rather fun packed few days.  While everyone else was caught up in the Opening Ceremony on Friday night, I was busy making my Superhero costume for work on Saturday!  As I have mentioned before, I work at a local theme park and last weekend was our Superheroes event.  Staff members (and guests) were encouraged to dress up as superheroes.

GS Girl!
After a quick trip to the supermarket, I was unable to find a suitable t-shirt (really, when I don't want one, they are everywhere!!), so I ended up getting a plain tanktop and some felt.  I drew out a design and then cut it out of the felt and stuck it onto the top using fabric adhesive.  I then got about a meter of plain red cotton fabric, cut it into a trapezoid shape and pinned it onto the top using safety pins.  Voil√†, a superhero costume.

Captain America & Thor
Of course, we didn't want the boys to be left out either, but I did cheat for their costumes and bought ready made ones.  Say hello to Captian America (Aled) and Thor (Noah).  They loved being able to wear their costumes all day and, for the most of it, they kept them on!  Occasionally Noah did take his costume off for about 10 mins 'to be Noah again'.  I am loving this age with Noah and the funny little things he comes out with!

The fun didn't stop there though.  Saturday night was also a kind of 'Date Night' for me and hubby.  The girls night out that I was supposed to be going on ended up getting cancelled, so me and hubby went out instead. We went for a Chinese at a local restaurant, which we have been to many times and as it always is, the food was gorgeous.  After the meal we met up with some friends for a 40th birthday party.  All in all, we had a great night and rolled home, rather merry, at about 3am.  My sister was sleeping over, so I was happy in knowing that I could just send the monsters in to her when they woke up!  Hubby did end up getting up with the kids and I had a lie in until about 11am on Sunday.  Perfect. :-)

On Monday, as a treat to the eldest PJ, we went to Thorpe Park with my mum, sister and a friend of PJ's.  We hadn't been before, so it was all new for us.  PJ, his friend and my sister went off to go on the big rides and me, the little ones and my mum explored the more tamer rides of the park.  Having researched the park on their website, I was rather disappointed to find that the man made beach area was closed.  I was planning on spending alot of our time in there, knowing that there isn't much for the younger boys.  We ended up going on about 5 rides that were suitable for the boys, some of them a couple of times.  The rest of the day was spent just walking around the park.  The boys really enjoyed watching the wave of water from the Tidal Wave ride come down over the bridge onto the pathway and by the end of the day I gave up trying to keep them away and let them go into the splash zone!

I was also a day of firsts for my mum.  She told me that she had never been on a carousel before in her life!  She got to do it three times on Monday! She also came onto a couple of the faster rides so that the boys could both go on together.  I think she was more scared than Noah on those!  The boys really enjoyed it and the older ones had a blast.  Although the queue lines were quite long for the big rides, we were lucky on the ones that we were able to get on and didn't have to queue for more than 10 minutes for a ride, which for my boys is a blessing!

Thorpe Park
Well, that is all the fun we are going to have for a little while going by the weather report at the moment!  Aled's speech therapy starts back up on Thursday for 4 weeks and I have *finally* got his appointment for the Child Development Centre, which is also this Thursday.  I really hope that the appointment goes well and we get the outcome we need for him.

Until next time..
Jackie. x

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