Monday, 12 November 2012

Mug Swap

Last month I took part in a Mug Swap organised by the wonderful Hannah at Cupcake Mumma.  The idea is simple, Hannah pairs you up with someone and you try to get to know each other a little bit and send them a mug to (hopefully) match their personality.

I was paired up with the lovely Sarah-Jane.  Sarah-Jane doesn't write a blog, so I couldn't get any clues that way.  However, she did send me an email with her likes and dislikes.  She told me that she likes to knit and sew and loves to drink tea and hot chocolate in the colder evenings.  She also loves the colour purple and spotty things.  Through email conversation I discovered that she also likes her hot chocolate with marshmallows as do I.

With this in mind, I wondered around my town looking in different shops for mugs.  Unable to find a purple spotty one, I did find this one, which I teamed up with some sachets of hot chocolate, a little whisk and a bag of marshmallows.

About a week later my old neighbour knocked on my door with a parcel for me.  She had kindly taken it in from the postman and brought it over to me.  I had totally forgotten that when I signed up for the mug swap, I was still living at my old address!  Thank goodness for the kindness of neighbours!

Sarah-Jane had send me this gorgeous mug, teamed up with a packet of marshmallows and some craft packs.  I absolutely love it and can't wait to start making something with them!  Thank you again Sarah-Jane!

Why not check out Hannah's blog to see all the other fantastic mugs that were swapped. 

Jackie. x


  1. Oh wow look at those mugs! And those goodies! Thanks so much for signing up to the mug swap Jackie hope you enjoyed it!
    Sarah-Jane is actually my mum lol was keeping it a secret ;) so the mug was great cupcakes run in the family haha!!x

    1. I'm glad the mug was a hit. I did wonder when she said that she had a daughter called Hannah and two grandchildren! lol. I had a great time with the mug swap. Thank you for organising it. :-) xx

  2. Aw wow, am loving the mug swappageness :D Very cute! Glad you enjoyed it! x


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