Saturday, 14 April 2012

Well, the time has come for my littlest monster to be potty trained.  I must admit, this has been something I have been dreading, but as Noah starts nursery in September and needs to be 'dry' by then, it was something that I couldn't put off any longer.

Potty training has been the bain of my life with Aled.  We started with him just after he turned 3, for the same reason as why we are starting with Noah now.  Aled turns 4 next month and almost a year down the line, he is only now really getting it!  We still have accidents with Aled, but they are no longer on a daily basis.  I hit an all time low back in September/October when I was called to the nursery on a daily basis to change him.  The nursery's policy is that they will change them if they are wet, but not if they soil themselves.
In October the nursery staff suggested changing him from the afternoon session to the morning session.  This helped ALOT!  Although I do still occasionally get that phone call, it is more like once a week or fortnight to being on a daily basis.  It had got to the stage where I just had a meltdown in front of the nursery teachers about it and broke down crying!
This, along with other developmental issues we have with Aled are something that we are working hard on at the moment, but that's for another post.

Noah however, is doing fantastically!  We are only 3 days in and, yes, we are having accidents, but on the whole he is understanding what the potty is for and is using it I would say at least 85-90% of the time. :-)  After the awful time I have had with Aled and the potty, I am so relieved that it's going well with Noah.  Fingers crossed, we will have a completely dry toddler by the time September comes round!

Talking of September, I just want to add that I had my confirmation letter this morning that Aled has got a reception class spot at the same school as his nursery.  I am so pleased that he is going to the same school.  They have been fantastic working with Aled and I am glad that I don't have to start again somewhere else with him. :-)

Jackie. xx

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