Wednesday, 4 April 2012 only a woman can do

Last night I had a rare night in, so decided to get on with some of the things that I can't get done during the day with the kids under my feet.  I decided to get on with my next Crafty Bums Quilt Along block and also bake some more of the butterfly biscuits for our picnic at the park tomorrow.

So, as per the recipe, I make up my dough and refrigerate for what was supposed to be half an hour.  It ended up being much longer as I got on with my Log Cabin block.  I have come to the conclusion that this is NOT my favourite block! It is so fiddly and also having to iron in between each and every strip can get a little annoying.  It was just typical that my sewing machine was playing silly buggers and kept loosing the thread!  Overall though, I was happy with the end result.

When my eldest son came home at 9pm, I did ask him to finish of the biscuits.  As he loves food tech at school, I thought this would be a piece of cake for him.  How wrong I was!  He didn't flour his surface, so the dough kept sticking to it and he just seemed to not have a clue.  I think in teenage talk, that's his way of saying he doesn't want to do it.  So of course, I ended up taking over from him, mid sewing of my block.  Here's some of the finished batch.  
I am hoping to make another batch today, as we have two days of picnicking ahead of us.  I'm thinking maybe some safari animals from the set my sister-in-law got me.

Talking of multi-tasking, I am also doing that now.  Don't you just love tablet pc's.  I am able to write this blog while supervising my little monsters in the bath. :-)

Right, off to shampoo and wash the little monsters.

Jackie. x

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