Tuesday, 3 April 2012

End of an era......for now

Well, last night was my last night for a while as an Explorer Scout Leader.  

I came to the decision to take a step back from my leadership role and spend more time at home with the hubster and my eldest son.  (Obviously I am home with the little ones, so spend plenty of time with them).  What with working both an evening and a weekend job and and scouting, we very rarely see each other any more, so something had to give.  My weekend job is only seasonal and ends in Nov time, so I am hoping to return back to the Unit then.  

It felt very sad to say goodbye to all the young people.  Those kids have taught me that not all teenagers are troublesome and there are some really good kids out there, regardless of their background.  I felt rather choked when I told them at the end of the night that I was taking a break and also when I got a B-R-A-V-O from them.  For those who are not from a scouting background, a B-R-A-V-O is a kind of well done or cheer from the unit members.  In our unit, the member spell out the word Bravo at the top of their voices.  

I will still be doing some admin work for the unit, but for now, I am hanging up my uniform and necker ready for another day.

Jackie. x

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