Friday, 23 March 2012

Boo to sickness

Not much to say at the moment.  I have both little ones ill with the sickness bug.  Aled went down first Tuesday night, but Wednesday he was running around, generally driving me crazy and we thought he was better.  How wrong we were!  Yesterday he was sent home from school as he had diarrhoea and things just got worse from there on.  By the evening he was unable to keep any food down and has been up during the night being sick as well.

My poorly babies. :-(

Morning time comes and little Noah has also been sick and is also unable to keep anything down.  So now I have 2 poorly babies curled up on the sofa generally feeling sorry for themselves.  Noah is a bit more cheerful than Aled, but still doesn't have the energy to do much today. :-( 

All I can say is thank crunchie it's Friday today!  I am working this weekend, so it will be hubby's turn to be on sick duty tonight!  I know that he is hoping that they feel better by tomorrow as he is wanting to take full advantage of the good weather while we have it!  Fingers crossed!


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